July 1, 2011.

Caylee Anthony

Somehow this case is worse to me than Joh Benet Ramsey's, because I fully believe Casey did it.

As the trial is wrapping up, let's see where my opinion leaves me.

Did Jose Baez get The Needle off the table?

I don't think so. In fact, I think his case did more to help the prosecution than it did to help his client.

I think Casey's parents may have put the needle in her arm themselves by doing what they thought would save her life, which is lying about small things. Unfortunately, both of the Anthonys got caught out: Cindy about the Chloroform searches and George about the "affair."

Well, it may not have been an "affair," but something was going on there that was inappropriate, that's for sure.

So, up to this point, what have I seen?

That the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The parents have exhibited that they are more than willing to lie and cover-up to save Casey's life, and to protect her from herself, by lying on the stand.

Both the parents and the brother appear to be painfully aware that Casey did indeed kill Caley by the fact that they have been so willing to lie to try to save her life during the trial, in ill-concieved efforts that have largely accomplilshed the opposite effect. By lying about the Cloroform & Neck Breaking Google searches, Cindy handed the Prosecution a golden opportunity to narrow the focus to Casey as the lone computer searching culprit.   By not telling exactly the truth about his relationship with Ms. Holloway, George came across as a man with something to hide and a pool accident isn't it.   And poor Lee, whose anger at his sister over her pregnancy  was telegraphed directly to the jury - well, he did her no favors, either.  The only logical reason to hide a pregnancy from an older brother is because he will either counsel abortion or adoption.,  neither of which  solution were apparently acceptable to Papa & Mama Anthony.

Denial, subterfuge, inability to tell the truth, making up your own reality:  all obviously learned from her parents. 

It would be difficult to be a juror in this trial; to stick to the law if you pick up the family dynamic. 

Is the family dynamic enough to take The Needle off the table, and should it be???

Lemme know what you think.