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For those of you who need an older version of IncrediMail:

Win Zip seems to be the better unzip utility, and you'll need, of course, to uninstall the newer version.

Below are some tips for installing, however, be advised that since everyone's computer has a slightly different setup, these instructions may or may not work for you and I can't make any guarantees that the install will work.

Tips for installing:

Some users have problems installing an older version once they've installed the new version. Incredimail seems to want to make the transition back to an older version as difficult as possible and for a small percentage of users, their particular setup may not allow a successful install of this version.

I, myself, had to uninstall, re-download and re-install several times before I could get any older version to run properly, however, I have spoken to several people who assured me that they downloaded this version and it worked like a charm the first time they installed it. Let's face it, computers can be weird. But, I digress.

Here are some tips that might make your installation go a little easier: Note: Please make sure you back up your computer, or create a "restore point" before you do this, as these are general instructions for users that are running Windows XP Home Edition. If you are running an older version of Windows, some of this will apply, but maybe not all of it. I shrink from giving instructions for older operating systems because I personally have not tried these instructions on older systems and I don't feel comfortable giving advice for something I haven't done.

Anyway, here you go. You may want to print this page before you do this from the attached pdf file.

  1. Close all open applications you may have running.
  2. Turn off all anti-spy ware and anti-virus programs you have installed.
  3. If you want to keep your data files (received emails and address book), click on "File, Data and Settings Transfer, Transfer to New Computer," and save the file to your desktop, or even better, burn it to a CD-ROM if you have a burner on your machine.
  4. Uninstall the version of Incredimail you have that sucks.
  5. Navigate to My Computer, C:, Programs, and delete the Incredimail Folder.
  6. Go to Start, Search, enter incr and let your computer search for any incredimail folders that might be hiding in your documents and menu folders. Delete these files - make sure you don't delete the data you exported to your desktop. It'll be obvious which files are Incredimail files and which ones aren't. Don't delete anything that isn't an incredimail file.
  7. Try installing this version, if you don't get a clean install, go to step 6.
  8. Scary Next Step: Editing your registry.

Yes, you may have to edit your registry. If you're not comfortable with doing this, and you didn't get a clean install, then you may not be able to re-install the older version, and it has to do with however your particular machine is set up. If you want to edit the registry, it's not that hard, you just need to pay close attention to what you're doing.

Editing your Registry

  1. Click Start, Run, and in the space provided, type "regedit" (no quotes), and press enter
  2. What appears on your screen is the registry. There are five folders, you only need to be concerned with opening two of them, and these folders are named HKEY CURRENT USERS AND HKEY LOCAL MACHINE
  3. Look for the sub folders named "software," and make sure those folders named incredimail are deleted
  4. Close the registry; the changes will automatically be saved.
  5. Try the install again.

If it's still not successful, then... I'm afraid that whatever configuration you have will not allow a clean install.

Good luck and hope this version works for all who find it!

And, my advice to the makers of Incredimail: you had a great little product which you could have sold as shareware for $10-$20USD and made a ton of money. Instead, you got greedy. Shame on you.

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